"The willingness to be and to have just what God wants us to be and to have, nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else, would set our hearts at rest, and we would discover that the simpler the life the greater the peace." - Elisabeth Elliot in The Shaping of a Christian Family

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Remodeling Begins

The house we're buying just doesn't have much living/dining space.

It does have a mostly finished, open basement which now serves as a family room, storage for the stuff we haven't yet unpacked, and has the laundry area. 

So, the plan is to turn the basement into two bedrooms and a sitting/library area and knock out the wall behind the piano in the current upstairs living/dining area which is a bedroom wall.

 This will make for a much larger living/dining area and make better use of the basement.

Today was the official start of it all as Lovey borrowed the excavator from his workplace (bless his boss, our nephew-in-law) and began digging out the space for two egress windows (for fire escape and light purposes). He began by digging up an overgrown bush in front of the house since I want to put in stuff that looks more like an English cottage garden. Then he moved to the end of the house and dug down about six feet by ten feet.

While he had the big equipment, he redid the fire ring for hotdog roasts as well as making the start of a pond that Roo wants to build.

And so the adventure continues. Follow along if you like.


  1. Oh wow, that is going to be a lot of work but it is going to be wonderful when it is done! Makes much more sense to have the larger area upstairs and the bedrooms downstairs... xx

  2. Hi, Kim! It's great that you thought about making good use of the available space in the basement. I have seen tons of basement remodelings that turned out great and were a great addition as rooms for for the house. Good luck with everything!


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