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Monday, April 17, 2017

Raising Rabbits

Meet Winston. He's my French Angora bunny. Handsome, isn't he. 

This one is Spinning Jenny (Jenny for short). She is Winston's lovely wife.

My daughter Sarah owns her and between the two of them and the two of us we hope that they will produce some kits around May 13th.

Meanwhile, Sarah gently combs them every other day and harvests the fur for her spinning. 

She spins on a two hundred year old spinning wheel that has been in the family for that long. It had been damaged by little children (yes, mine) but when she was regularly going to a wonderful art center where we used to live, one of the woodworkers there was able to repair it and get it back into working order. I'm so thankful and think that it is wonderful that the wheel is back in use again.

Try not to notice the unpacked boxes in the background.

Yes, that says 1813!
The raw wool on the spinning wheel right now is sheep wool which I was trying to spin, much to my dismay. I sure haven't gotten it down yet. But I will try, try again.

This gorgeous aqua and white mixed yarn is a combination of dyed sheep wool and white angora. It is soooo soft. She doesn't know what she's going to do with it yet, but may get into selling it after she feels more confident in her output.

Meanwhile, we're enjoying learning about rabbits and raising them. My youngest daughter, Faith, is raising a female lionhead and male lionhead/netherland dwarf mix. They are expecting their first kits on the 27th. She hopes to sell all but one female.

Getting most of the rest of the family involved, my husband and daughter, Ruth, made a luxury rabbit hutch this weekend with the idea that if Ruth enjoyed that process she could make more for selling. They're all learning accounting skills as well as taking responsibility for animal care.

It also gives us all something to do as we settle into a new area and don't yet know very many people outside of the multitudes of family up in this north country.

And fortunately, Charlie the cat whose nickname is George seems to tolerate the rabbits well.

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  1. I really enjoyed your post! I am starting to raise rabbits again. Well, maybe I should say I am going to. It will be for the fiber too. I had purchased a lionhead (named Peekachu) and a Satin Angora (named Pearl) few months back, but Pearl was much older than the seller knew and she passed. Eventually, I will get a few more Satin Angoras so that I can breed them. I love what you are teaching your girls. It is so important to learn these skills from parents, where they can learn the right way!

  2. I am so impressed by Sarah's spinning! And the bunnies are soooo cute. My daughter would love them! She has a lop eared bunny... no good for spinning wool but cute non the less! xx


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