"The willingness to be and to have just what God wants us to be and to have, nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else, would set our hearts at rest, and we would discover that the simpler the life the greater the peace." - Elisabeth Elliot in The Shaping of a Christian Family

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

More Kombucha

Kombucha can taste a little vinegary, which bothers some, but not others. It can also look scary, which bothers some, but not others.

Enter secondary fermentation.

After my gallons of "booch" have matured, like on Day 6, I like to add some more sugar in the form of juice to better flavor it and add carbonation so it almost seems like flavored pop. My kids are much happier with the results.

Having tried cranberry and discovering that was too tart, this batch I tried frozen Apple Cherry concentrate and it was a hit!

I took the SCOBYs out and put them in another clean jar and then put about half the container of concentrate into each gallon jar. I did not add any more sugar, though you could. After stirring it up and watching the fizz, I bottled it up in Starbucks and others jars, leaving some head-space for some carbonation, but not too much for fear of explosion.

Instead of labeling each jar, because since five of us are drinking this we'd go through them so quickly it wouldn't be worth it, I labeled the clementine box in which I'll keep them till I refrigerate them after four days.

Each day they sit out at room temperature they will carbonate a little more and become a little more tart, so you might want to refrigerate them to stop all this at whatever day suits your taste best.

Day 1 was enjoyed by everyone this morning, probably because it's still got a lot of the sweetness. We'll see how we do tomorrow.

Happy secondary fermenting!

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